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Additional Information

 If your non-profit organization has an event that might be of interest to JNA members please e-mail the details to Stanley Waghalter, by the 20th of the prior month.

Contact Marie Cooper ( for ad rates. 

Next JNA meeting announcement

Put Monday, March 9th on your calendar for the next JNA meeting. 

There's always something (or someone) who's got a lot of helpful neighborhood news for us.

The meeting starts at 7PM at the Jefferson Methodist Church, 758 Donaldson at Wilson.

Early Voting Starts February 18th

The Texas Super Tuesday Primary is March 3, 2020.

Early voting for this event runs from February 18th to February 28th. 

At the JNA February 10th meeting, you will have a chance to meet some of the candidates running for various offices.

This revised clip is not in the February newsletter


 One of the things that make our Jefferson Community so rich is the abundance of choices when it comes to Worship.

  In our daily commute, or perhaps on a leisure walk one cannot help but notice the many and varied church spires or bell towers that define our skyline, architectural designs and styles of the decade they were built in.

   One such church is St Ann Catholic Church. St Ann’s was founded in 1012 and has seen some major renovations with the present church building commissioned in 1948.

 Obviously, any church building only houses the community within, and one could say St Ann’s Catholic Church is synonymous with community!

  Their website and Facebook pages reveal their important role in carrying out their mission of neighborhood, family and ministry. 

  The church has a remarkable online presence with SoundCloud, Twitter and Videos that share Homilies, prayers and Hymns and a long list of ministries, groups and organizations of fellowship and service to the poor.

Their Pastor Father Larry Christian leads with a modest humble heart.  One parishioner, Marie Cooper is a huge fan of his. She says “ he is logical, down to earth and leaves you feeling Joy in your heart. He is truly uplifting and special!

                          St Ann’s Catholic Church ~ 210 St Ann St ~ San Antonio, TX 78201 ~ 210 734-6687

Coming Soon!

The JNA has been in existence since 1982. A lot of JNA activities have taken place since then. In January, 2020, I'll  be posting MANY pictures of JNA activities taken over the years. Be watching for it.