• The Jefferson Neighborhood Association was founded in 1982 to help preserve the integrity of a once "Premier" neighborhood.
    A neighborhood plan was developed in the 1989 and revised in 1996 that is used as a guide by the city to foster growth in an orderly manner. In 2001, an area wide plan consisting of 10 neighborhoods went into effect. While not a legally binding document for zoning issues, the plan does give developers an idea of what residents would like to have in the area.
    Parts of the neighborhood association are now incorporated within the boundaries of the Monticello Park Historic District. This adds additional development security and enhances property values in the area.  You can find additional information about our historic district at:
    Other parts of the neighborhood now lie in the "Conservation District." This allows the character of the neighborhood to be maintained but without the Historic District restrictions.
    The Jefferson Neighborhood is located in the near northwest part of San Antonio's central business district. Nearby is Woodlawn Lake, another area rich in history dating back to the mid 1800's.
    Jefferson High School is a historic designated landmark. It was built in 1932 in a cow pasture.
    Now mostly a memory, Jefferson Village was the first shopping center of its type in the mid 1950's. Its design was praised by national magazines.